Local Spotlight: Biloxi’s Saenger Theatre

Biloxi's Saenger Theatre

Around here, we have a soft spot for a local treasure: Biloxi’s Saenger Theatre. For decades, this beautiful—and historic—building has captured the hearts of residents and visitors alike. Though its future wasn’t always certain, new renovations mean that it will continue to stand for years to come. Now, let’s take a look back at its past!

Great Beginnings

Back in 1928, the first plans to build Biloxi’s Saenger Theatre became public. Roy A. Benjamin, the architect on the project, quickly got to work, and just a couple years later, the theatre as already thriving! It showed both Vaudeville acts and talking movies—a very new invention—in 1930. With seating for 1,500 people, it meant that locals had access to revolutionary entertainment.

The Fire

Though the theatre was beloved for decades, it hit hard luck in November of 1974. The theatre caught fire, suffering extensive damage. It ultimately survived, but the effects of the fire meant that the Saenger Theatre could no longer show movies. Still, there were plenty of amazing live performances and recitals for people to enjoy.

As a local landmark, Biloxi’s Saenger Theatre is no stranger to reconstruction, which it has been benefiting from for decades. Because of these efforts—and generous donations—the theatre has been accessible for residents, who could even hold their own performances or meetings there.

Visiting Details

Right now, Biloxi’s Saenger Theatre is not open for visitors. Don’t despair though—that just means that our town is dedicated to ensuring that this landmark will be around for decades more. Reconstruction is still in progress, but you can always walk by and see the outside of this beautiful building with your own eyes. It’s located at 170 Reynoir Street!


Biloxi’s Saenger Theatre is just one of the many wonderful things our town has to offer. There’s nothing better than living here—especially if you can call Maison D’Orleans your home too! If you’re looking for a great place to spend your days, visit our website or give us a call at (228) 388-3931. As for learning more about local spots and culture, check out our blog.