In the News: Biloxi’s New Rock & Brews Casino

Biloxi's New Rock & Brews Casino

Missing Margaritaville? We have some news that will soothe your sorrows! Biloxi’s new Rock & Brews Casino will be taking over Margaritaville’s old spot. Recently, a letter of intent was issued, meaning that a bunch of fun is on the horizon for Biloxi residents and visitors alike! Though there’s still a bit of progress to go, here’s what excited people can expect from this brand-new development!

What Is Rock & Brews?

Have you ever heard of a little band called KISS? Ever since their founding in 1973, they have carved a place in pop culture and entertainment. Well, it turns out that their influence isn’t just resigned to music!

Two KISS members have branched out into casinos and hotels! Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons are among the owners of the Rock & Brews chain. It has many other locations, ranging from places like Orlando, Florida to Albuquerque, New Mexico, to Paia, Hawaii. Our awesome town is on its way to being the chain’s first location in Mississippi!

What will the new Rock & Brews Casino feature?

Biloxi’s new Rock & Brews Casino is giving the best of the best to our town. Not only will guests be able to eat the delicious food and drink the amazing drinks at the restaurant and bar, but they’ll also be able to visit the casino. They can stay into the night—and get a great night’s rest at the convenient adjoining hotel. Plus, it will have an entertainment venue too—so cool performers could be on the horizon as well!

When will the new Rock & Brews Casino arrive in Biloxi, Mississippi?

The casino is still in development—and the team behind it is still legally dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s. So, while there isn’t a specific date floating around yet, at least we can all look forward to an amazing addition to our own town.


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