In the News: The New UMusic Broadwater Hotel

The New UMusic Broadwater Hotel

Universal Music Group recently announced a joint venture that is music to the ears for the residents of Biloxi. The new UMusic Broadwater Hotel is the first of three properties that will combine local culture and the power of music for an ultimate entertainment destination.

More about the UMusic Broadwater Hotel

According to an article published by, the group will transform the old Broadwater Resort into a $1.2 billion venue. With goals to “seamlessly integrate a stunning performance venue and a luxury hotel with an immersive architecture style.”

Because of Biloxi’s own rich musical heritage, the group felt the city was a perfect fit for their vision. This includes incorporating the local spirit of the city with a love for music and the arts in a way that provides an unrivaled guest experience.

The new UMusic Broadwater Hotel will exist on a 266-acre property that “was once the gem of the Gulf Coast.” At one time, the Broadwater resort featured a hotel, marina, golf course, and casino. The new hotel should have all of that plus a large indoor concert hall and a huge outdoor screen facing the marina.

First of Three

Following the new UMusic Broadwater Hotel in Biloxi, Universal Music Group is planning to develop venues in Atlanta, Ga., and Orlando, Fla. In a statement released by Universal Music Group, UMUSIC Hotels will create enchanting experiences for fans, guests and artists alike, with music and entertainment at the center of design.

As part of their commitment to the local community, each property will be artfully designed to complement the city landscape. It will also serve to authentically merge features of the local music scene. For Biloxi, two must-have musical art forms include rhythm and blues and jazz—both have strong roots in the area.


This entertainment destination will spur economic growth and provide countless hours of fun for the people of Mississippi and beyond. If you find yourself drawn to Biloxi and need a place to call home, we are ready to welcome you! Our one-,two-, or three-bedroom floor plans offer something for everyone. To find out more about our great city and the cool stuff happening, be sure to read our blog.