Coming Up: Gulf Coast Shrimp Tasting Festival 2021

Gulf Coast Shrimp Tasting Festival 2021

Don’t worry—they’re not “shellfish.” You’ll have plenty of shrimp and beer to share at the Gulf Coast Shrimp Tasting Festival 2021. So, get your tickets now for this tasty event! It takes place on the weekend of September 11 and 12 at Point Cadet Plaza.

About the festival

Three words: spicy boiled shrimp. It will delight your tastebuds at the Gulf Coast Shrimp Tasting Festival 2021. Held by Clear Vision Entertainment, this first-ever festival gives you a chance to try out shrimp and beer from local restaurants and vendors.

They’ll have shrimp from 20 different restaurants, so you have a lot of options to try. Who knows—you may even find a new favorite spot to eat at in earnest!

What can I do at the festival?

Come hungry, leave full. Sampling shrimp isn’t the only thing you can do at the festival—but it sure is a great draw! The event also features:

  • A craft beer garden;
  • Arts and crafts vendors; and
  • Live entertainment.

The importance of supporting local restaurants and bars

Our community has truly come together in the past year or so. Along the way, we’ve kept local restaurants and bars alive and well—which also has a big effect on our local economy. By supporting local restaurants and bars, you’re ensuring that their managers, cooks, servers, and more can continue to thrive.

So, if you can, make note of your favorite folks at the festival. That way, you can give them a visit. Or, consider giving them a shout-out on social media or leaving a positive review on Facebook, Google Reviews, or Yelp!

Visiting details

Less than a month until the Gulf Coast Shrimp Tasting Festival arrives! You can attend this event on September 11 and 12. It kicks off at 11 a.m. and ends at 6 p.m. each day.

One-day entry costs $7 for adults, while two-day entry for adults costs $10. Entry and tasting cost $25 for military members and first responders and $35 for adults. Children 12 and under can enter for free.

As for the address, you can find the festival at Point Cadet Plaza, or 121 Cadet St. That’s 18 minutes or about 7.6 miles away from Maison D’Orleans!


Adding the Gulf Coast Shrimp Tasting Festival 2021 to your calendar means a whole weekend of cold beer and spicy shrimp. Can it get any better than that? Plan ahead and give yourself a reason to celebrate next month!

Speaking of planning ahead—you can pre-lease at Maison D’Orleans. View our floor plans, photos, and application info here. Finally, for more on local events and living, check out our blog.