Coming Soon: Slim Chickens in Biloxi

Slim Chickens in Biloxi

Some days just cry out for comfort food. Well, when that next rainy day rolls around, you may have a new option on the table: Slim Chickens in Biloxi, soon to be located on the corner of Popp’s Ferry Road and Cedar Lake. We have the details on its upcoming arrival—and all the tasty food that you can order! Milkshakes, wings, wraps, and more—we’re hungry already.

More on Slim Chickens

If you’ve been to Slim Chickens, you know what customers love about them: their chicken and their iconic Southern-style buttermilk marinade. Not to mention, all their sauces—of which they have a whopping 17.

Ever since its first location opened in Fayetteville, Arkansas in 2003, Slim Chickens has served up mouthwatering meals. Its happy customers live all across the world, too!

The chain features 100—yes, 100—locations ranging from U.S.-based restaurants in places like Alabama, New Jersey, and Washington state. They’ve also gone international, with Slim Chickens feeding customers in London, Bristol, and Manchester.

About the Slim Chickens in Biloxi

Thanks to Southern Partners, we’ll one day have a new Slim Chickens in Biloxi. This location will have outdoor patio seating and indoor seating. It will also feature both curbside pickup and drive-thru. That way, you can focus on the amazing meal at hand!

The restaurant still has an approval process to go through, but it likely won’t take too long. At the moment, estimations peg the opening date for late 2021 or early 2022. When the doors open, you can order your meal at the new Slim Chickens, located where Popp’s Ferry Road meets Cedar Lake.

Flipping through the menu

We can’t forget about the menu! If you decide to visit Slim Chickens, you can order tasty options like:

  • Chicken and waffles;
  • Milkshakes in flavors like strawberry and chocolate;
  • Buffalo wraps;
  • Fried pickles;
  • Chocolate chip cookies;
  • Wings;
  • Slim’s Salad, with fried or grilled tenders;
  • Chicken club sandwiches;
  • French fries;
  • Strawberry cheesecake jar desserts;
  • And more.

Earlier, we also mentioned an astounding 17 sauce options. Here are just a few of them:

  • Gravy;
  • Inferno;
  • Blue cheese
  • Cayenne ranch;
  • Korean BBQ;
  • Sriracha garlic;
  • Mango habanero;
  • Garlic parmesan;
  • And more.

See their full menu here.


In a few months, you could be chowing down on chicken and waffles from Slim Chickens in Biloxi. Now that sounds like something to look forward to! Until then, you’ll just have to wait—and dream of sweeter days.

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