In the News: The Barq Building Renovation

the Barq Building renovation

Development of The District on Howard continues with the Barq Building renovation that is currently underway in Downtown Biloxi.

The Barq Building

The block-long Barq Building has withstood the test of time. It has stood at the corner of Howard Avenue and Reynoir Street for more than 100 years.

Today, plans for the Barq Building renovation are set to ensure it remains for another century. Meanwhile, as restoration work continues, the years are literally being peeled back to reveal several surprises.

More than a few fun finds will make their official debut as part of the Barq Building renovation. For example, a decorative radiator will be featured in some way.

Other fixtures and architectural elements like a massive steel beam with Mobile Steel Co. printed on it may find a permanent home in the new building as well.

More Barq Building history

Originally built in 1901, the building was then home to Lopez & Co. Hardware and Grocery Store. At one time, it was also The Strand movie theater circa 1924 until 1929. Newspaper archives report it closed the same day neighboring Saenger Theater opened.

The Barq family purchased it in 1938 for commercial use. Other known tenants of the Barq Building include the Grand Drug Co., Globe News and Tobacco Store, JC Penney, dentists, attorneys and other professionals.

What’s to come

Plans for the Barq Building renovation going on now continue to remove the remnants of the 1976 Urban Renewal renovation. Soon the last of the mustard-yellow façade and small boxy windows will be replaced with French doors leading from apartments to balconies.

The completed project will feature mixed use commercial development. The second floor will include an event center as well as apartments. More apartments will be found on the third floor.

Currently, developers are considering a variety of possible companies and businesses that would thrive within the revitalized area. Click here if you are interested in finding out more about the commercial opportunities within The District on Howard.


The District on Howard is basically a straight shot down Beach Boulevard from Maison D’Orleans Apartment Homes. Located less than six miles away, you can enjoy all The District has to offer—including checking out progress on the Barq Building—after about a 15-minute drive! Discover more cool community news and events by reading our other blogs!