Coming Soon: Pier 15 in Biloxi

Pier 15 in Biloxi

Looking for the endless summer? You may be able to capture that feeling sooner rather than later with the fall opening of Pier 15 in Biloxi on the calendar!

Pier 15

What will soon be a waterfront entertainment venue is working hard to wrap up the finishing touches to the space.

Pier 15 in Biloxi hopes to be the next local example of “good things come to those who wait.” Previous reports shared the story of how husband-and-wife owners discovered the property by boat in 2013. It had been on the market for one day.

They made a bold move and purchased the river house. In 2016, they took plans to renovate the site to the city. The plans included transforming the old house into a new entertainment venue.

The owners explained the approval process took so long because the property was nearly surrounded by water plus had no city water service. It was also tricky to find by land.

Now, the almost-complete space is more visible from a distance thanks to a new bridge. There has also been a change to the street name.

Once known as Lorraine Road, the access street is now officially Sandbar Lane.

More about the upcoming venue

Renovations to the former house include a whole new pier, dock, decks, new windows and doors as well as a roll-up garage door to bring in the breeze and breathtaking views!

Guests can easily arrive by boat with plenty of space to dock. An on-site food truck will be offering “river food.”

The menu will include mini-pizzas, burgers, fried bologna sandwiches and other “easy-to-eat” foods. Plus, sit on the deck, soak in the sun and sip on a refreshing daiquiri or other cold beverage.

Inside there will also be a stage for live music and other entertainment. Eventually, kayak rentals will also be available.


Technically, the address for Pier 15 in Biloxi is 12046 Sandbar Lane. By land, turns out that’s about 10 miles from us at Maison D’Orleans. The drive time can range from 20 minutes to about 25, depending on the route.

Wondering how you’ll know when you can fall in love with the river views from Pier 15’s deck? Connect with them on Facebook today!


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